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Summer Term 2017


VSIS ConfTool Standard - Conference Management Tool · Version 1.8.7

All rights reserved © 2001-2017 by Dr. Harald Weinreich

Dipl.-Informatiker Harald Weinreich
VSIS, Department of Informatics, Hamburg University
Hochrad 58
22605 Hamburg

This system was developed in PHP and requires a MySQL database.
If you want to use ConfTool or ConfTool Pro for your conference, please send an e-mail to .
More information can be found on our website: ConfTool Conference System.


ConfTool is a robust and mature system, that supports many tasks of the conference organizer:
  • online submission of papers,
  • assignment to reviewers based on matching conference topics,
  • download of the assigned papers by the reviewers,
  • submission of reviews,
  • support of the local PC-meeting,
  • bulk mailings to reviewers and authors,
  • conference participant registration with a flexible registration form generator,
  • registration of participants at the conference site,
  • and much more...


VSIS ConfTool and ConfTool Pro have been used for several hundred conferences, workshops and seminars. Please look at our list of references.

Developers at VSIS

Project admin

Dr. Harald Weinreich

Database adapter, form generator, reviewing functions

Marco Kaiser (until Version 0.8)

Participant registration

Tanja Döring (until Version 0.9)

Special thanks go to the staff of VSIS, Hamburg, especially Prof. Dr. W. Lamersdorf

Translations and Contributions

Please have a look at Contributors to ConfTool to see who helped with translations and other valuable feedback.

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Scientific Conference Organization Tool - VSIS ConfTool Standard 1.8.7
© 2001 - 2017 byH. Weinreich, Hamburg, Germany

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